Open Letters
Printed biweekly—Harvard GSD

Open Letters is a print experiment that tests the epistolary form as a device for generating conversations about architecture and design.

New issues are released in print at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and publicly as part of our digital archive every two weeks. Each issue consists of one open letter (i.e. addressed to a specific party but intended for public dissemination) that relates in some way to a design topic of choice. Correspondents may be from within or outside the GSD.

The views and ideas expressed in letters published by Open Letters are those of the correspondents and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors, the publication or any affiliated institutions.

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Current Editors


Audrey Chan
Jessica Lim
Milos Mladenovic
Edward Wang
Adrian Wong

Website: AW
Previous Editors

Zachary Weimer, 2018
Francisco Ramos , 2017—2018
Zach Crocker, 2017—2018
Vladimir Gintoff, 2017—2018
Elias Logan, 2017—2018
Enrique Aureng Silva, 2017—2018
Christina Shivers, 2016—2017
Davis Owen, 2014—2017
LeeAnn Suen, 2014—2017
Ellen Epley, 2014—2017
Sarah Bolivar, 2015—2016
Sarah Canepa, 2015—2016
Azzurra Cox, 2015—2016
Justin Kollar, 2015—2016
Miranda Mote, 2013—2015
Lara Mehling, 2013—2015
Irene Chin, 2013—2015

Founding Editor-in-Chief: Chelsea Spencer
Founding Editor: Michael Leef

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